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Mexico Visa Guide: A Step-by-Step Process for Temporary and Permanent Residency


If you're considering immigrating to Mexico, the initial step is to apply for a Mexico Visa at the nearest Mexican Consulate or Embassy. This comprehensive guide outlines the process for obtaining Temporary and Permanent Mexico Residency.

  1. Applying for a Mexico Visa
  2. Visit the Mexican Consulate or Embassy. The first crucial step is to apply for the Mexico Visa at the nearest Mexican Consulate or Embassy. Here's how you can initiate the process:
  • 1. Submit Application: Complete the required forms and documentation.
  • 2. Approval and Affixing: The visa is affixed to your passport once approved.

  • 3. Validation at the Mexico Border or Airport

After obtaining the visa, validate it at the Mexico border or airport and acquire the FMM form for CANJE.

1. Exchanging Visa for Residency Card

2. Visit the INM Immigration Office

Upon validation of the visa, the next step is to exchange it for a Temporary or Permanent Mexico Residency Card. Here's how:

1. Local INM Office: Visit the INM Immigration office near your Mexico address.

2. Card Exchange: Complete the process to obtain your Residency Card no more than 30 days after the visa is validated.

3. Visa Validity

The visa issued at the Mexican Consulate or Embassy is valid for 180 days and 30 days after is validated by the Mexico INM Immigration agent at the airport or border.

1. Temporary Mexico Residency

Temporary residency suits those intending to stay in Mexico for more than 180 days and up to four years.

  1. Duration
  2. Initial Year: First-time applicants receive a one-year residency, renewable annually.
  3. Renewal: Renew for one, two, or three years after the first year.
  4. Transition to Permanent: Change to permanent residency 30 days before the four-year period concludes.
  5. Eligibility

Temporary residency is available for:

  • >Applicants with Mexican Spouse or Children.
  • >Spouse or Children of Temporary or Permanent Mexico Resident Card Holders.
  • >Applicants with a job offer from a Mexican Corporation or Small Business.
  • >Those who own Mexico Real Estate.
  • >Retirees/Pensioners or employed applicants with a monthly net income of $4,393.00.
  1. Permanent Mexico Residency
  • Permanent residency is for those intending to reside in Mexico indefinitely.
  1. Eligibility

Permanent residency is available for:

  • > Applicants with Mexican Spouse, Children, or Permanent Mexico Resident Card Holders.
  • > Retirees/Pensioners with a monthly net income of $7,321.00.
  • > Applicants with investments or bank accounts averaging $292,859.00 monthly for twelve consecutive months.
  1. Consulate Variation

Income requirements may vary between consulates. Check with the consulate or contact or for assistance.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  2. Mandatory Visa

Is the visa mandatory? Yes, if the applicant intends to live in Mexico for more than 180 days or indefinitely.

  1. Additional Resources
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